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Manufacture of concrete pavers, concrete blocks and curb-stone moulds for all brands and models of machines
Durable and long-lasting moulds
Minimum wearout
Excellent dimensional accuracy
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€ 2.865
€ 2.005
Grasscrete Mould CMT-01
€ 2.865
€ 2.005
Z Lock Paving Block Mould PRK-15
€ 2.450
€ 1.715
Standard Concrete Block Mould BRK-149


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As an organization that always gives confidence to our customers and cares about the continuity of customer satisfaction as a requirement of our leading identity and understanding of quality, we continue to work with all our energy in order to ensure its continuity and development. Our happy and satisfied customer portfolio is a proof of our quality.


As Mega Mould-Mould Industry; As of 2015, we started our production and export activities of Concrete Paving Machine Moulds, Block Machine Moulds and all other concrete elements mould models. In this context, we continue to carry out our R&D activities and innovative production activities at full speed with a policy approach that takes consumer expectations, environmental and social impacts into consideration.


In addition to our quality, durability and safe production policy, we have adopted the principle of protecting our customers' rights, 24/7 support, and standing by our customers for the highest quality service in logistic activities. We eliminate your possible business losses by producing instant solutions through our expert team and service personnel for any malfunctioning problems that may occur after products supply.


The brick mold and its importance to the molding machine

The brick mold is the main functional element of production when using molding machines for our bricks production. Just like the piston is to an engine so is the brick mold to the whole concrete brick manufacturing factory. It is just a small unit mounted on the block making machine and depending on the machine power, characteristics and production speed we chose a suitable brick mold... [Read More]

How can your paving mould models affect your production?

The paving mould model's selection procedure is very crucial in order to produce good pavers or do a good concrete block paving job. First, a paver is material such as stone or concrete used to form the hard surface of a road, driveway, etc. Any company that needs an economic growth, among m... [Read More]

The technological evolution of paving blocks machinery

Paving blocks can be considered one of the most used construction materials, most suitable for outdoor Works such as garden pavement, sidewalks and others.   It's not one of the most preferred just because of its easy workmanship or economical nature but also because of its aesthetic na... [Read More]

What should be considered when buying concrete block and paving block moulds?

Industrialization is one of the most important factors of a country’s development, concrete block and paving block moulds production is one of its key aspects. At this point in time beside the production of machines, the production of concrete block and paving block moulds is one of the most... [Read More]