Decorative Paving Block Production Facility | Mega Mould

Production can be made for custom sizes different from the standard sizes.

There are all types machines and equipment needed for concrete block, curbstone and paving blocks plant.

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Decorative Paving Block Production Facility
Aggregate Hopper (150x150 cm)
Aggregate Conveyor Belt (8 Mt X 0.50 mt)
Concrete Mixer Platform (200x200 cm)
Concrete Mixer (Pan Type 250 dm³)
Mortar System Electrical Panel (Bosch – Siemens)
Water Supply System And Control Valve (500 L / Hour)
Aggregate Waiting Hopper And Cement Screw (With Pedal) 250 dm³)
Table For Filling The Mortar Into The Mould (50 X 75 cm)
Vibration Table (To Fill The Mortar In The Mould Properly 100 X 150 cm)
Empty Moulds Cleaning Table (100 X 150 cm)
Vibration Table And Output Conveyor Belt (For Removing The Block)
Mould Carrying Trolley (For Transportation Of Wet Products) With Wheels (60 X 120 cm - 5 Layers)
Stocking Equipment For Empty Cleaned Moulds With Wheels (60 X 120 cm - 5 Layers)
Air Compressor With Equipment (250 L - 8 Bar)
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