An amazing opportunity from MEGA for those who want to start their own business! We offer you a new business opportunity, where you can earn high profits with a low budget.

Investing may seem scary at first, but we will make sure you will feel safe and confident during your journey. Thanks to this new business model, we offer you an opportunity to:

-earn high profits,

-invest in your future in a much easier and safer way,

-be your own boss,

-enjoy adding value to your environment.


But HOW?

First of all, don't let the phrase of owning a ‘’facility’’ scare you. You will have a very lucrative business with only “27.500 USD” capital and you’ll get to enjoy the freedom of taking major decisions on your own.

You will be able to provide maximum profits by establishing your own business without the need for large manufacturing sites, energy hungry investments and state-of-the-art machinery that large factories need when establishing their workplaces.

Moreover, with an area of 250 m², we guarantee that you will not need anything other than standard city electricity and water!

In addition, thanks to our specially designed factory, you can produce hundreds of colors and patterns at the same time by only changing the moulds.

You can sell these products to:
  • -Parks And Gardens
  • -Landscape Companies
  • -Construction Companies
  • -Government Agencies
  • -Municipalities
  • -Hotels And Social Facilities
  • -And Many More!

This is an opportunity you can’t miss!


Decorative Paving PAVING BLOCK Production Facility Equipment

  • 1- Aggregate Hopper (150x150 cm)
  • 2- Aggregate Conveyor Belt (8 Mt X 0.50 mt)
  • 3- Concrete Mixer Platform (200x200
  • 4- Concrete Mixer (Pan Type 250 Dm³)
  • 5- Mortar System Electrical Panel (Bosch – Siemens)
  • 6- Water Supply System And Control Valve (500 L / Hour)
  • 7- Aggregate Waiting Hopper And Cement Screw (With Pedal) 250 Dm³)
  • 8- Table For Filling The Mortar Into The Mould (50 X 75 cm)
  • 9- Vibration Table (To Fill The Mortar In The Mould Properly 100 X 150 cm)
  • 10- Empty Moulds Cleaning Table (100 X 150 cm)
  • 11- Vibration Table And Output Conveyor Belt (For Removing The Block)
  • 12- Mould Carrying Trolley (For Transportation Of Wet Products) With Wheels 60 X 120 cm - 5 Layers
  • 13- Stocking Equipment For Empty Cleaned Moulds With Wheels 60 X 120 - 5 Layers
  • 14- Air Compressor With Equipment 250 L - 8 Bar
  • 15- Decorative Paving Block Plastic Mould Models (Special Offer)

The factory shown in the sample installation project has an average of 300 m² of decorative PAVING BLOCK production capacity in 8 hours. The capacity of our factory, which was designed as a single output line, can be doubled by converting to a double output line according to the incoming demand.

In addition, thanks to the extra apparatus that can be added to the system, products such as briquettes, hollow blocks, chimney PAVING BLOCKS can be produced.

For the factory installation, it needs a minimum (10x25 m) area of 250 m² and a total of 22 kW of energy. There is no requirement for closed area and ground concrete.

Our manufacturing time is 5 weeks. The shipping volume is 1 20' container. Necessary technical training about the productions you will make is given online by our company.


If you want to get detailed information about this facility, you can contact us via WhatsApp by clicking "Mega Sales Representative". If you want, fill out the form you see on the side or below and we will call you.


In our modern factory, we produce plastic decorative PAVING BLOCK moulds by using the latest technology machines by our expert team. You can contact us for plastic moulds of all kinds of concrete parquet - tile - border - rain gutter - grass PAVING BLOCK - handicapped PAVING BLOCKs and wall covering PAVING BLOCKs.

We use high quality PP (polypropylene) raw material in the production of plastic moulds. In this way, our highly flexible mould models have been obtained against impacts that may occur during filling and dismantling works.
You can use our moulds on average of 250 cycles!
We always check the quality of our products; you will always receive top notch high quality moulds!
In addition, all complementary products for packaging are available in our company.


Some examples of our most preferred mould models are shown below. You can learn the best-selling mould models in your region by contacting our sales representative assigned specifically to your region. You can also add an innovative perspective to the market with the models that we think can make a difference.

Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone
Decorative Paving Stone

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