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Concrete Block Mould Models

Concrete Block Mould Models

Concrete blocks which are widely used nowadays, is used in a wide variety of places both outdoors and indoors. In general, concrete blocks models are divided into types such as standard, Styrofoam, Lego and rough-face blocks (mostly used for decorative purposes on garden walls).

What type of concrete block mould model do you want? As Mega Mould company, for all types of concrete block mould models you may need, we produce at any size and suitable for every machine.

20 cm concrete block 30_cm_concrete_block_mould

Concrete blocks are produced in various sizes such as:10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm. In addition, we as Mega Mould produce concrete block at requested custom dimensions using latest technologies and experiences. You can view our special mould models here. It is the 20cm concrete block mould that is widely used in the world.

The concrete blocks are moulded in manual or automatic machines having production capacities of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 pieces of 20 cm concrete block per moulding. In addition to this, there are also concrete block moulds for daily production made by hands using smaller units that make single, double, triple or even quadruple pieces per moulding.


Styrofoam Concrete Block Mould

Since this mould model contains Styrofoam, it is one of the most preferred models recently. It is an increasingly popular variety around the world as it provides both thermal and sound insulation.

The Styrofoam can be put into the concrete block manually. The process can also be automated with the machine and filling done automatically.

You can take a view at the styrofoam concrete block mould models we designed for you here.

20_cm_styrofoam_concrete_block_mould styrofoam_concrete_block_mould

Lego Concrete Block Mould

It is a concrete block model named after the toys. concrete blocks produced with lego concrete block mould cross each other just as the lego toys fit together. In this way, due to less usage of mortar, you can build your structure at a lower cost.

It is the most preferred model used by block and bricklayers. This is due to the fact that, it is easier to stack and connect than other concrete block models. You can save both time and price because it has less mortar usage and quicker alignment properties.

Take a look at the lego concrete block mould types preferred by the masters here.

lego_concrete_block_mould 20_cm_lego_concrete_block

Rough Face Concrete Block Mould

This concrete block mould model produces rough-face concrete block by producing two joint concrete blocks. Inside the mould, the concrete blocks are designed adjacent to each other. Then, the concrete block model created is divided into two by hitting it with the help of a tool, and two concrete blocks with rough surfaces are formed.

It is generally more preferred for outdoors works. It is a highly preferred model by people because provides a decorative view for construction of garden walls.

In addition, using this concrete block on outer walls of the buildings also provides benefits in the cost of exterior plaster.


Click to view our rough-face concrete block mould models we produce here at Mega Mould using the latest technologies and high quality materials.

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