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What Should Be Considered When Using Concrete Block Moulds?

What Should Be Considered When Using Concrete Block Moulds?


1) Installation

2) Operator Knowledge and Experience

3) Cleaning and Maintenance of the Moulds

4) Changing the Moulds

5) Raw Material Usage

6) Pallets


The current industrialization and technological advancement of the 21st century is moving at a fast rate and this has reduced immensely on the usage of manpower for production. As a result, lifetime and maintenance of existing machines and work equipment has a great impact on the economic heritage and revenues of various countries. The right maintenance, application and usage of machines and equipment has a very important role in their life-span, and productivity.

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It may be our household electronic tools or equipment we buy for our work and production. To be able to get a profitable income from the cost of each of this equipment, its productivity needs to be maintained accordingly, which simply means; correct usage and maintenance. Below are some of the rules to follow when using the concrete block moulds bought here:

1. Installation:

The proper installation of the concrete block machine provides a healthy run and enables a proper functioning of the machine and its different parts. Problems encountered during installation affects the functioning of the whole machine and may also leads to the breaking down of the available moulds. For example, the wrong installation of mortar carrier on the machine can cause damage to the moulds during its movement.

2. Education and Experience of the Operator:

Just as the low information and experience level of the operator can cause harm to the machines so can it also damage the concrete block moulds. An operator that doesn’t perform the necessary controls during production increases the risk of the moulds getting damage, the operator must check the moulds in case the is any object that can cause damage to them during production otherwise, just as the moulds will be damage so are the machines going to be damaged.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Mould:

All maintenance of the machine should be done periodically. The cleaning of the moulds should be done by the operator at end of every work and prepared for upcoming production. The materials in the mould freezes after a certain amount of time and this may cause the mould to wear out, also leading to inaccurate production.

4. Changing the Mould:

The concrete block moulds need to be changed according to daily production and the amount of delivery done. The process of removing and mounting of the new mould has to be done correctly. If there is any mistake during installation, it will distort the equilibrium of the mould and the mould will be brought to an unusable state. In addition to this, during the daily use of the mould, mounting screws may become loose and the mould may be damaged. The screws must be controlled by the operator all the time.

5. The Use of raw materials:

The recommended amount and measurements of raw materials use for concrete blocks should be used correctly for every machine. The use of too much or less raw material can damage the mould and the type of raw materials used can also affect the wearing time of the mould.

6. Pallets:

Care should be taken in order to use the recommended pallets during production. The operator must be careful about the use of wrong size or damaged pallets. Wrong dimensions and damaged pallets can both reduce the products quality and damage the mould.

To sum up, maintenance periodically and a good education of the operator is important so as to save both the company and country’s economy. If the rules are followed correctly, the life-span and efficiency of the moulds will increase.

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