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What Are The Various Decorative Plastic Pavers Mould Models?

What Are The Various Decorative Plastic Pavers Mould Models?

When sand, cement and water are mixed together in at various proportions and poured into moulds, we can produce product of different desired shapes, general known as concrete products. However, the designed and expected shapes should be geometrically correct and easily added together!

Just as when any "x" ingredient is added to water, tomato paste, onion trio and it becomes an "x" meal, when water is poured into sand and cement then, the trio into an "x" mould, we get an "x" block.


For example; you may decide to change any of your garden, apartment entrance or parking lot’s curb-stones. You can view Mega Mould’s Decorative Plastic Mould Models here.

Choose the model you want and beautify the reinforced concrete collection in the world, starting from your own environment. Create a more beautiful aesthetic look around you.

For example; You can create a wide variety of motifs by adding creativity with rectangular patterns, zigzag, antique models as well as floral models such as clover and tulips.

Decorative plastic models are not only limited to this. You can use much more beautiful patterned curb-stones instead of ordinary curbs-stone found on roadsides.

You can add a much more beautiful look to the wall of your garden with patterned wall stones.

By using plastic decorative moulds for rain gutters moulding, you can also add a more beautiful appearance to your surroundings with the blocks made.

However, pavers produced with plastic moulds are weaker in strength than paving block produced with machines. The mortar used in the machines is more solid while the mixture for plastic moulds contains more water.

(This explains why decorative plastic pavers moulds are also called water-cast plastic pavers moulds.)

Therefore, they are not preferred for places where there will presence of heavy vehicle traffic. Because a lock paver produced on the machine resists a weight of approximately 100,000 kg. (This ratio varies according to the machine pressure ratios and the raw material used.)


With conditions nowadays, it is easier to produce paving blocks with decorative pavers plastic moulds. Plastic moulds allow almost anyone to produce the paving block they want.

As seen above, there is a wide range of paving block models for usage in places like: parks, gardens, landscaping, and apartment buildings.

Decorative paving blocks are used in the places mentioned above to both be appealing to the eyes and add value. Since these decorative pavers are not used as much as interlocking paving blocks, they are more expensive than interlocking pavers produced from machines and similar ones. Because these pavers are produced in smaller diameter machines or manually rather than large machines. Depending of choice, it can even be done at home.

You can view our decorative pavers mould models we have produced for you here.

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