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What Should We Consider When Using Plastic Decorative Paver Moulds?

What Should We Consider When Using Plastic Decorative Paver Moulds?


Choosing the right model

Choosing quality moulds

Easy useability of the moulds

Knowledge and Experience of the personnel

Cleaning and maintenance of the moulds

1-) Choosing the right model

Decorative plastic pavers mould models have a wide range of products. Since it is easier to make pavers with plastic moulds, it is the most preferred type of mould. Almost everyone can produce any type of pavers they want with this type of moulds.

Therefore, for plastic moulds the customer range is quite wide. In order to reach this wide customer portfolio, the model of moulds absolutely need to be of different varieties. These models will be determined in line with the demands of the customers for a better commercial point.


2-) Choosing quality moulds

The moulds you will buy should have high plastic density, hardness and quality. Plastic moulds made of non-durable materials should not be preferred. This is due to the fact that, the usage of cheap moulds will make you lose money in hinder your business.

How Come?
If the moulds chosen are of poor quality, their edges will begin to open in a very short time of production. The products will start to lose their geometric properties. When the material used is of poor quality, cracks and breaks will occur in the plastic moulds during paver removing process from the moulds.

If you choose moulds made of first-class quality plastic material, your loss will be much less than other plastic moulds. Because openings, breaks, cracks do not occur during early stage of production of the pavers.

The easy application and attachability of decorative pavers to each other is directly proportional to the geometric accuracy of the design and produced moulds.


3-) Moulds easy useability

The durability of the handles of the mould and its resistance to opening makes our work much easier.

The conical angle of the moulds must be geometrically correct. It is easier to remove the decorative pavers from the moulds on the vibrating table. If the conical angle is not sufficient and correct, the product may be broken, distorted, mould may be damaged and become unusable.

4-) Knowledge and Experience of the personnel

As it is required for every job, the person producing the pavers with plastic decorative pavers moulds must have sufficient knowledge and experience about the job. If sufficient care is not taken while working with the mould, the life of the mould will be diminished due to poor handling and this will negatively affect the commercial aspect of the business.

During usage appropriate care should be taken during: filling, carrying and product removing from the moulds. If care is not taken, the normal mouldable number of pavers will decrease and the moulds will become unusable over a short period of time.


5-) Cleaning and maintenance of the moulds

One of the most important factors that will prolong the life-span of the moulds is the cleaning aspect. The cleaning and maintenance of the mould should be taken care of regularly after usage.

After the decorative pavers are removed from the moulds, the moulds should be cleaned completely and made ready for the next use with the help of a compressor or a pressurized machine using moulds cleaning chemicals.


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