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What Are The Various Models Of Paving Block Moulds?

What Are The Various Models Of Paving Block Moulds?

Paving blocks, which has a wide range of uses for outdoor works, has become the favourite in this domain with its usual appearance and has proven itself as an indispensable outdoor floor block. It can be used in: avenues, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, gardens, in front of homes, parks, etc. we turn to see them almost everywhere.

It is preferred in many areas due to its adaptation to all kinds of architecture and decorative appearance.

It has been used much more in recent years because of its other production method using plastic moulds.

The most preferred of these paving blocks, is the interlock paving block (lock paver) model.


The thickness of the paving blocks varies according to their areas of usage. Pavers of 10 - 12 cm thickness are used on streets with heavy traffic.

Paving blocks of 8 cm thickness are generally used on the streets with lighter traffic.

While paving blocks with thickness of 6 cm in most cases are used in places such as pavements, parks and gardens used by pedestrians.

Furthermore, both because of it advantages in terms of cost and appearance, decorative pavers of different models are also frequently used for: parks, gardens, pedestrian paths, etc.

There are many models of paving block moulds. You can view Mega Mould paving blocks mould models here.

It is very difficult to classify them according to their areas of usage. This is because, different paving block models can be used in different places with model choices varying according to the clients or the designers.

At Mega Mould, we produce moulds according to the desired size for the desired model and for different machine brands.

However, a distinction can be made in terms of decorative appearance, ease of use and cost.


Some models show similar features all over the world in terms of their places of use. For example; curb-stones and paving slabs. These pavers as it is known, are mostly used on vehicle paths (streets and roads), pedestrian paths, parks, gardens, etc.

In terms of interlocking and creating a durable structure,

Paving blocks can be produced manually with plastic decorative paving block moulds or with the help of machines.

With machines, the capacity varies according to the number of pavers moulded in each moulding operation by the machine;

• Between 10-12 pieces

• 15 pieces

• Between 16-18 pieces

• Between 18-20 pieces

• Between 24-25 pieces

• Between 36-40 pieces

Production is made. Number of pavers vary according to the sizes of the pallets.

You can view our high-quality steel mould models that we produce using the latest technologies by clicking on the link.

You can also view our decorative pavers plastic moulds models here.

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